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  • ایرانیان در ژاپن Iranians In Japan

    Mar 29 2017 · Early times.The first mention of Iranians (Persians) coming to Japan can be found in the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) one of the earliest Japanese historical sources completed in 720 C.E records that in 654 C.E. several people arrived in Japan from Tokhārā (Aston pp. 246 251 259).

  • Japan MissionCalled To Serve ジャパンミッション

    CALLED TO SERVE. The two-fold purpose of Japan Mission is to evangelize the lost and help the small Bible-teaching churches of Japan. Most churches in Japan have an attendance of fewer than 30 people and are in great need of resources and evangelistic programs.


    JAPANISE ME provides you with info of what locals do in Japan. If you would like to travel eat and live like a local this is the site for you

  • JapanDiscover the Land of Endless Discovery

    "Japan is many things to many people. Some visit to experience its natural beauty others visit for the history. Me..I went for the food Japanese cuisine has always been a favourite and the thought of experiencing genuine Japanese food cooked in local kitchens by

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

    December 15. Meeting between Foreign Minister MOTEGI and H.E. Mr. Sardor Umurzakov Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • مکالمه ساده زبان ژاپنی، صوت و متن رایگان درس ها/ NHK WORLD

    «ان.اچ.کی» به عنوان تنها شبکه پخش رادیو- تلویزیونی عمومی ژاپن دوره های قابل اطمینان برای تدریس زبان ژاپنی را

  • The Origin of Japan s Modernization / The Government of

    2018 is a significant year for Japan as it marks the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration. The Meiji Restoration was a major revolution that brought an end to over 260 years of feudal government.